Olevano Romano

… A source of inspiration for artists

Foreign artists, photographers and literatus have always found the town of Olevano Romano inspiring for their personal and artistical inclinations appreciating our old stony walls and countryside.

The light, colours and the natural richness of volcanic rocks and oak trees are considered inspiring elements for the production of fine pieces of art.

The notoriousness of Olevano throughout Europe is given by the word of mouth of German, French, Danish, English artists that have visited this Medieval town and experienced our typical cuisine.


“On a hill that juts out with steep slopes in the direction of the fertile and historic Valle del Sacco, there sits the lonely village of Olevano Romano with its greyish houses and the remains of the venerable 14-century fortress.
Its high tower outstanding on a bright background and the valley of towering mountains…
Its location with its clean mid-mountain air and views and beautiful walks… Olevano is a place of restfulness, simplicity and friendness very close to Rome”.


A quick review of the best shots of Olevano Romano’s old medieval town with its stony walls and infinite stepways


olevano scatto del 21.02.2010 006DSC05026s. maria